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Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
of some policies from the u.s. which we do not believe will put us in good stead to further improve our education system is. by that mean, -- by that, i mean an emphasis on standardized testing and a curriculum. highly performing countries have more teaching autonomy and let teachers get on with the task. >> do you think that message is coming clear to both sides? because that is crucial, isn't it? >> it is. and it is very helpful in that regard. when you have ministers of education around the world, and they say, well, this is what our recipe for success looks like and it is in stark contradiction to what you're doing in your country, it is a bit of a wake- up call for policy makers. that is the success of the summit. >> thank you for visiting with us. >> thank you. >> a terrific conversation. for information on my new book "the chance of a lifetime" and online video for all "this is america" programs, visit our web site. >> "this is america" is made possible by the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. poongsan corporation, fo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1